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In the centre of the action, instead of spectating

Unite Blind Coverage.
The transmission of audio descriptions represents inclusion and perfection.

Equal Participation

With Unite, you can simply and effectively implement blind coverage and the transmission of audio description. This mobile system has a high operating range and high volume that can be individually adjusted. The speech-optimised system is perfect for visually-impaired people thanks to its high speech intelligibility. Co-presenters and monitoring are also possible. With Unite you can provide accessibility for blind people and easily ensure conformity with the laws and standards for implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.

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Unite has many different applications. Test Unite and experience the benefits of the system yourself.

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Second Reporter and monitoring

Unite also enables inclusion of a second reporter and thus alternate moderation. You can also hear your own contribution via the headset.


Because blind people depend on coverage, it is important that they understand everything clearly. Unite has been optimised for speech applications. The transmitters balance out voices of varying volume or block out disturbing background noise.

HIGH Operating

The reporter normally sits in the audience near the blind person to be able to respond to them. However, sometimes reporters are further away – at the press center, for example. Unite transmits signals up to 300 metres free-field – conditions at the transmission location must be taken into account.


Use Unite for blind coverage e.g. in football stadiums or other sporting events. With a stationary access point, audio description (acoustic image description) can be transmitted – in cinemas, for example. Unite can also transmit foreign languages and assisted listening for those hard of hearing.

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Unite means: you can speak to everyone, listen to everyone, and everyone can interact with each other. The potential uses for Unite are correspondingly versatile.


Guided Tours




Silent PA




Architect's Specifications

beyerdynamic-Architects-Specifications-2018-03.zip (1.95 MB)

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