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TG 1000 Beltpack Transmitter

Beltpack transmitter for digital wireless system TG 1000
  • 300 m Range
  • 4 different microphones for speech, singing and instruments available
  • Battery status indicator
  • Battery charging via WA-CD charger possible
  • Made in Germany


  • Region B?? 470 - 608 MHz (US)

TG 1000
Beltpack Transmitter

The beltpack transmitter of the digital wireless system TG 1000 is designed for applications such as theatre or lectures in conjunction with lavalier microphones, on the stage as a guitar transmitter. Microphones or instruments can be connected to the 4-pin mini XLR connector. The input signal can be adjusted with a switch to the optimum level. The transmitter has a silent power button and an OLED display to show the frequency, channel / group and battery status. Inside the battery compartment there is an infrared interface, via which the carrier frequency is received from the receiver and set automatically in the transmitter. The transmitter is powered by two NiMH rechargeable or 1.5 V AA alkaline batteries, enabling an operating time of approx. 8 hours. When using NiMH rechargeable batteries, the optional WA-CD charger is available. When charging, the rechargeable batteries can remain inside the transmitter.


Whether clip-on microphone, neckband microphone or instrument microphone - different microphones for the beltpack transmitter
put every speaker, singer and musician perfectly in scene: TG L58, TG H56, TG H57, TG I57

Technical Data

Singing, Speech, Guitar, String instruments, Wind instruments
Transmission Type
Microphone Frequency Response
20-20.000 Hz
article No.
TG 1000 Beltpack


Quick Start Guide

MAN_TG1000-QSG_DE-EN-FR_A4.pdf (1.71 MB)


MAN_TG1000-Dante_EN_A17.pdf (8.25 MB)

Spec Sheet

DAT_TG1000-Beltpack-Transmitter_EN_A11.pdf (632.79 KB)

Info Materials

TG1000_Region_Codes.pdf (27.41 KB)

Info Materials

TG1000_Remote_Protocol_Rev_1_00_12.pdf (61.77 KB)

EU Declaration of Conformity

DEC_TG1000_EN_EU.pdf (25.01 KB)

Info Materials

Info_New_pin_assignment_EN.pdf (243.93 KB)


TG 1000 FW 2.04.01.zip (17.31 MB)

System Overview

PLA_TG1000_19-03_EN_System-Overview.pdf (1.39 MB)

System Design

PLA_TG500_19-03_EN_System-Design.pdf (1.55 MB)

CAD Drawing

TG_1000B_CAD.zip (638.45 KB)

Info Materials

TG_1000_freqlist_all_regions.zip (1.71 MB)

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